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3 Team Possession Drill

The three team possession drill is a fun and competitive rondo variation played with three teams. Essentially the team in the middle sends two players to apply pressure on the ball while the teams on the outside look to complete a minimum number of passes and send the ball over to the other side.

Set Up

Set up a large grid and split it into three equally wide zones as pictured above. Divide players into three even teams. Each team starts in their own zone on the field. The team that starts in the middle zone is the defending team at first. To transition quickly if the ball goes out of play, it's nice to have a supply of balls nearby.

When creating the grid, keep in mind that the size can be varied depending on the number and skill level of the players. In general a smaller grid will be more diffiuclt as players are forced to play in a tighter space.

How It Works

The exercise starts with the coach playing a ball out to one side. Once an outer team recieves the ball, their objective is to complete 6 consecutive passes and then send the ball over to the opposite side for a point. As the offensive team are trying to connect their passing string, the middle team sends two players over to put pressure on the attackers and try to take the ball away. The remaining members of the defending team stay in the middle and try to close off the passing lanes to the opposite side.

If the defenders steal the ball or force it out of play, the team that lost it become the new defending team in the middle and the old defensive team takes their place on the outside. As soon as the ball as lost, the coach plays a new ball out to the other side and the new defending team sends two players in to defend, thus continuing the cycle.

The first team to successfully complete 3 passes to the opposite side wins.

Key coaching points

Speed of play can definitely be used to the offensssive team's advantage during this game. As soon a team receives a ball, they can work on achieving six passes in a row quickly while the defensive team is transitioning and sending in defenders.

At it's core this game is essentially a complex rondo variation. With that being said it's a great way for players to work on passing fundamentals, moving off the ball to find space, and communication.