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3v2 To Goal Shooting Drill

3v2 to goal is an excellent game for players to work on finishing as they outnumber the opposition inside the 18 yard box. Since there should always be a free player, the offensive team has the chance to get lots of practice shooting on goal.

Set Up

To prepare for this exercise, set up 3 cones between 20-30 meters away from a large goal. These cones function as a place for attacking players to form 3 lines. The defending team forms two lines at the posts of the large goal.

How It Works

The ball starts with one of the defending players who plays the ball over to the attackers. The attackers then play 3v2 to goal. Since the offensive team outnumbers the defending team they should usually be able to get a quality shot off.

Key coaching points

This drill offers the offenive team a chance to work on combination play and moving the ball around quickly to find an opening for a shot. Coaches can emphasize speed of play and taking advantage of opportunities to shoot.