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4v4 Corner Targets

4v4 corner targets is a three team competition where teams earn points by keeping possession and playing in to one of the corners.

Set Up

Create a rectangular grid with a small zone in each corner as shown in the diagram. Divide players into three teams of four. One team starts with one player in each corner, the other two teams start in the middle of the grid to compete against each other. In addition, have a supply of balls ready.

How It Works

The two teams in the middle compete to keep possession of the ball. Once a team connects a minimum number of passes in a row they can play it to a target player in one of the corners for a point. The players can also play to the neutrals in the corners to help keep possession, however, it doesn't count as a point unless they have completed the minimum number of passes first.

Several variations of this game could be played. In one variation the two teams compete in the middle for a given amount of time and then when the time is up, one of the teams rotates out and becomes the new team in the corners. The other variation is that once a team scores a point, the team in the corners comes on while the team that didn't score becomes the new team in the corners.

Key coaching points

This is a great drill for players to work on decision making, creating space, and moving the ball around. In addition, it can get very competetive!

Movement off the ball is extremely important so that players on the ball have good passing options. In addition, players can use the neutrals in the corners to help them. For example if there are no good passing options a player could play to a corner and move quickly to find a new pocket of space and receive the ball back.