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Head To Head Dribble Race

Head to head dribble race is a fun and competitive way to help players improve dribbling and turning with speed.

Set Up

Create a grid with cones in the corners, mini goals at one end, and cones in front of the mini goals approximately 8-12 meters away. Divide players into two teams and make sure every player has a ball. The two teams start in the corners on the side with the mini goals as pictured in the diagram.

How It Works

On the coaches signal players dribble as fast as they can around the first cone placed in front of the mini goal then turn towards the next cone at the end. They dribble around this last cone, then turn coming back towards the mini goal. Before they get to the middle cone, they pass the ball into the mini goal. Once the ball goes over the end line or into the goal the next player on their team can start.

If players misses the mini goal, a three second penalty is assessed to their team. The first team to have all of their players complete the course wins. (After penalty time is assessed) If one team has an extra player, ensure a player on the other team goes twice so that it is fair.

Key coaching points

This exercise can work great in conjunction with a dynamic warm-up because the players will already be in lines. It's also good to have the players warm-up up a bit before going full speed. With this in mind, it may be best to have players perform a few rounds of dribbling at their own pace before breaking into competition mode.

Another variation could be played where players pass to the next player in line once they've turned the final cone rather than playing with mini goals.