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Shooting In Waves To 2v1

Shooting in 2v1 to waves is a great exercise to get players to work on finishing in both solo and 2v1 situations.

Essentially the player in the middle starts by dribbling past the coach and having a shot on goal. Then the player that just shot must turn around and defend while two attacking players attempt to score against them.

Set Up

For this drill all that's needed is a large goal, a goal keeper, balls, and players separated into three lines starting 25-30m away from the goal. The coach can position themself in front of the middle line for players to dribble past them. If the coach would like to stay out of the drill, a cone or dummy can be placed in front of the middle line.

How It Works

The drill begins with the first player in the center line who dribbles past the coach and has a shot on goal. Once they have taken their shot, the players in the outer lines attack with a 2v1 to goal against the player from the center line. The outside players have to decide which side will bring the ball in and the middle player has to identify where the attackers are coming from after they take their shot.

Once the 2v1 is finished, the next players in line repeat the process starting with the center player once again. Be sure that players switch lines so that all players get the chance to experience both roles.

Key coaching points

This drill offers a players a chance to work on finishing both with and without pressure. When the center player is shooting, emphasis can be placed on proper technique and placement. Once the 2v1 is initiated, emphasis can be placed on attacking with speed while the defender is trying to orient themself.