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Slalom Dribbling Relay

The slalom dribbling relay race is a great way to train dribbling in a fun and competitive environment where players slalom dribble through cones.

Similar to the dribbling relay, players compete in teams to see which team can have all their players slalom dribble through the cones to the other side and back first.

Set Up

First set up cones for players to dribble around. An ideal distance is approximately 10m in total with around 2m between each cone. Once the grid is set up, separate players into even teams. If some teams have an extra player the teams with fewer players will have to assign someone to perform two legs of the relay, this way all teams perform the same number of relay legs. Each relay team needs one ball.

How It Works

On the coaches signal, players dribble as fast as they can back and forth through the cones until they've made it back to the start line. Once they've made it all the way, they give the ball to the next player in line and then sit down to signify that they have completed their relay leg. The first team to complete all of their relay legs and have all their players sitting down wins.

Key coaching points

Keep in mind, it may be best to have players perform a few rounds of dribbling at their own pace before they go full speed, especially if doing this towards the beggining of practice.

This exercise is a great way for players to work on close control of the ball. If a player knocks over a cone or looses control of the ball I typically allow them to chase it down, pick the ball up, and return to the spot where they lost control. The time it takes to retrieve a lost ball is usually a significant enough set back and ensures the player doesn't skip cones.