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Square Dribbling Warm-Up

The square dribbling warm-up is a simple drill to get players moving and working with the ball.

Set Up

Create a large square with cones and a small square in the middle for players to dribble into. Divide players into four groups, each of which starts at one of the corners of the larger square. At least one player in each line needs a ball.

How It Works

Phase 1: Dynamic Movements

Players can start without balls and perform dynamic movements to the cone in the middle, then peform a recovery run by jogging back to the start. Dynamic movements can include things like:

  • Forward Jogging
  • Backward Jogging
  • Side Shuffles
  • Skipping With Backward Arm-circles
  • Grapevine/Carioca
  • Sideways Jumping Jacks
  • High Kicks
  • Etc.

Phase 2: Adding The Ball

Once players are warm you can incorporate the ball. Have the first players in line dribble to the middle, around the cone, and then play a pass back to the start. This can also be a way for players to work on different turns and dribbling with both feet.

Phase 3: Make It A Competition

Once players are sufficiently warm you can make this drill more fun and competitive by having the players in the four groups compete against each other in a relay fashion.

Key coaching points

Ensure that players are properly warm and ready before peform explosive or super fast movements. Slowly work up to it.

By the end of the warm-up the players should have broken a sweat. This ensures that the body is prepared for the activities to come and reduces the risk of injury.

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