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Three Tier Shooting

Three tier shooting is an exceptional drill for players to work on finishing in all different types of situations. From long shots, short range finishing, and heading, three tier shooting covers it all.

Set Up

To prepare this finishing drill divide your players intro three groups. One group starts next to a post, one group starts towards the side of the penalty area, the other group starts out in front of the penalty area. You'll need a goal keeper for this drill and every player will need a ball to start.

How It Works

The first player in the line outside the top of the box starts by dribbling towards goal and having a shot. Once they've shot from long range, the first player in line to the side of the penalty plays them a pass across the box which must be finished with one or two touches. After this, the player continues forward and recieves a toss from the first player next to the post. This service must be finished with a header or a volley.

Once the player has completed all three attempts they go to the back of the tossing line as all players rotate lines in a clockwise rotation.

Key coaching points

Emphasize good technique as players practicing finishing. For pointers on proper shooting techniques check out our Ultimate Shooting Guide.